Bring Reusables

Grab your reusable products (cups, bags, bottles, etc) when leaving the house, in the car when heading to stores!

To All Stores

Remember those reusables that remove single-use disposable (SUD) waste from any store, cafe + market you shop at now!

Instagram Photos

Take Instagram photos of your reusables, name your stores, tag #traXactions, and share your positive actions!

Get Square Cash

Shoppers that share Instagram photos with #traXactions and store names, receive Square Cash rewards* via email!

  • Instagram actions

    Instagram actions


  • Action Heroes Wanted

    Action Heroes Wanted

    traX is seeking people who care, people who will stand up and take action… we are seeking you!

  • traX at stores

    traX at stores

    Now you will finally get rewards by taking your reusables to any store in the US, yes even there!

  • Instagram Photos

    Instagram Photos

    Instagram photos of your reusables used at cafes, markets and convenience stores!

  • Get thX everywhere!

    Get thX everywhere!

    We all like a simple ‘thank you’, with traX we thank you for your positive actions, YOU deserve it!

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