TraX is a new mobile rewards program to thank you everywhere you bring reusables to stores by removing single-use disposable (SUD) waste. By sharing fun Instagram photos of your actions, we email you with cash rewards. BE the change... try traX today!

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  • Instagram actions

    Instagram actions


  • Action Heroes Wanted

    Action Heroes Wanted

    traX is seeking people who care, people who will stand up and take action… we are seeking you!

  • traX at stores

    traX at stores

    Now you will finally get rewards by taking your reusables to any store in the US, yes even there!

  • Instagram Photos

    Instagram Photos

    Instagram photos of your reusables used at cafes, markets and convenience stores!

  • Get thX everywhere!

    Get thX everywhere!

    We all like a simple ‘thank you’, with traX we thank you for your positive actions, YOU deserve it!

Bring Reusables

Grab your reusable products (cups, bags, bottles, etc) when leaving the house, in the car when heading to stores!

To All Stores

Remember those reusables that remove single-use disposable (SUD) waste from any store, cafe + market you shop at now!

Instagram Photos

Take Instagram photos of your reusables, name your stores, tag #traXactions, and share your positive actions!

Get Square Cash

Shoppers that share Instagram photos with #traXactions and store names, receive Square Cash rewards* via email!

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